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Our Story



My love of fashion began in the closet at my nana’s house. I was fascinated by the fabulous shoes, sparkling beaded dresses, and exquisite scarves. Most of all, the handbags were my true passion. I spent my childhood trying on and wearing my mother’s accessories and dreaming about the outfits I would wear when I grew up. In my teens I moved on to subscriptions from every fashion magazine I could find, and was particularly captivated by Elle. I went off to college at Indiana University and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Apparel Merchandising. Of course my dream job was always to work for a handbag designer. Right out of college, I was blessed with winning a coveted job working for Rebecca Minkoff! Who says dreams can’t come true? Now it’s over four years later, and I am raising the bar and starting my own company…creating ways to protect those beautiful, amazing, precious and magnificent handbags I have always loved!


My inspiration for the Handbag Raincoat® came from living in New York City. On rainy days, I would use my arms, coat, and even newspaper to protect my handbag from getting wet and damaged by the rain. The snow took its’ toll on my handbags as well. I would watch the weather forecast at night, and make my next day’s handbag selection based on whether or not it was going to rain. I used my already rain damaged handbags on bad weather days. I saved my best handbags for clear weather days. I saw many women doing the same thing! In fact, even when they had umbrellas, women were still trying to protect their handbags, and would use their coats and often sacrifice getting their hair wet to protect a handbag with their umbrella!  After working with handbags and purchasing many handbags myself, I realized there was a need for a Handbag Raincoat® to protect my and everyone else’s handbags from the rain.